Leaner Stronger Challenge

The Leaner Stronger Challenge, powered by Simply for Life and Athletic One, is our 6 week transformation kick start where you will make SIGNIFICANT improvements in building a leaner and stronger YOU. If you’re looking to kick start your transformation with awesome progress that can be sustained long term, our Leaner Stronger Challenge is perfect you.

During your 6 weeks, we’ll be combining uniquely personalized fitness, with a flexible, habit based nutrition game plan that will make you look, feel and move better then ever.

What’s inside our 6 Week Leaner Stronger Challenge?

Customized Nutrition with Nicole Boyd – Registered Dietitian

* Personalized, habit based meal plan tailored to your fitness goals, body type, food tastes, schedule challenges and overall lifestyle

* Weekly 15 minute, 1-1 nutrition session with Nicole for a high level of accountability and support

* Strategies and tips to create sustained fat loss and muscle gain

* Reimbursement option with your employer benefits plan

Personalized Strength & Conditioning with Athletic One

* Strategy Session so we can learn how to personalize your program for your needs, abilities, injury history and goals

* High level of coaching to ensure your exercise form and progression is always on point

* Flexible training schedule that you control

* 3 personalized Training Sessions each week at Athletic One with lots of 1-1 help

The result?

You’ll become leaner, stronger, more mobile and injury resistant each and every week. All at the pace that’s right for your abilities, needs and exercise experience.

It’s time to take control of your nutrition and fitness, and develop a sustainable and results-driven lifestyle that you can enjoy long term.

No gimmicks, no fad diets, just a proven nutrition and training system that WILL GET YOU RESULTS!

Say goodbye to cookie cutter workout plans, and diets that will never work long term. Take the next step in creating long term change for yourself.

The time could never be better.

Change your mind, change your body, change your life.

What if 6 weeks changed everything?

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What's Included?

Personal Nutrition Plan & Coaching

Each and every week, you’ll meet with Nicole Boyd, Registered Dietitian with Simply for Life. Here, you’ll be able to fast track your nutrition habits and begin to build muscle and burn fat faster.

Looking to live a healthier, more energized life? Plus take all the guesswork out of lean eating with a busy lifestyle? Your 6 weeks of 1-1 nutrition coaching with Nicole is exactly what you deserve.

3 Personalized Training Sessions Each Week

Personalized strength and conditioning in a small group setting with a huge priority on results and safety.
Our training puts a huge emphasis on 1-1 coaching, cueing and a game plan tailored to your goals, abilities and unique needs.

Become leaner, stronger and more athletic then ever!

Ongoing Support & Accountability

Get on track and stay on track with our team of coaches that will help you improve each and every week. Watch your momentum get rolling like never before.

Continuous Progress

Experience what personalized coaching and game planning can do for you. Become motivated and driven to succeed by seeing your nutrition habits, strength and body improve each week.

Incredible Value


$447 for clients new to A1 and SFL

$199 for current A1 or SFL clients

REGULAR Registration )

$497 for clients new to A1 and SFL

$239 for current A1 or SFL clients

Over $700 in value!

Flexible Training Schedule

Use our online scheduler to choose any combination of times that work for you!

Over 70 Sessions available each week:

Nutrition Coaching sessions with Nicole Boyd are booked in advanced through Simple for Life Fredericton.

Simply For Life – Fredericton
623 McLeod Avenue

Awesome Training Facility

(5,000 square foot, fully equipped training facility located uptown Fredericton)


Get Our No Questions-Asked, Money Back Guarantee!

Money Back Guarantee

It's Time to Re-Wire your Brain,

Look Better, Feel Better, and Start Walking around Knowing You're Stronger then EVER.

Registration is Currently Full. Our Next Challenge Begins November 2018!

(EARLY BIRD registration closes Monday April 23)

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